Leeds Federated


A fresh start

This year we supported Ian and helped him to move when his house was no longer a suitable environment for him. This has enabled him to keep his tenancy and have a fresh start.

We want customers to be happy and safe in their homes. However, we realise that people may face many challenges which can make life difficult for them. This can be due to a wide variety of reasons such as family, financial or health problems.

Whenever possible, we signpost customers to any additional support they need and work to help those who are struggling to pay their rent. During 2016/17 our Financial Inclusion team helped 179 customers access an additional £61,000 in benefits.

We also carried out 1483 customer service visits (CSVs). These are an opportunity for customers to tell us what they think of our services and for us to link them to any additional support or services they need. CSVs are also used to update the information we hold about customers to assist them with managing welfare reform changes, such as the move to Universal Credit.