Leeds Federated


Adapted living

Jayne is a long term customer of Leeds Federated, and recently requested to have her home adapted to make it more accessible for a member of her family with additional needs.
At Leeds Federated we fully support tenants living independently in their homes, this sometimes means adapting the property to meet their needs.  To enable us to do this, we usually require a medical recommendation in order for us to carry the work out.
During 2017/18, Leeds Federated carried out 153 minor adaptations including installing internal and external grab bars and handrails, changing standard taps to lever taps, levelling thresholds, relocating switches and sockets and installing over bath showers.

We also carried out 42 Major Adaptations. These include any work with an estimated cost greater than £1,000 to the Association, and are carried out in conjunction with the relevant Local Authority Adaptations Service, who provide additional funding know as a Disabled Facility Grant.
Major adaptation work we undertook this year included fitting stair lifts, creating wet floor shower rooms and the fitting of external ramps.
Of customers having benefitted from adaptations this year, 98 % were satisfied with the work completed by Leeds Federated.