Leeds Federated


Customer journeys

This year we have put the views of our customers at the heart of Vision21, our business transformation programme.  We understand that the views of our customers are a vital part of helping us to improve how we deliver our services.

To help with this we have run a series of ‘Customer Journey’ workshops looking at different areas of the business such as repairs and the ways customers can contact us. In these sessions we take customers through each step of the interactions they have with Leeds Federated and ask what they think works and what needs improving.

We also want to know what is important to them about the service we offer and how accessing a particular service makes them feel.  Afterwards, we write a report based on the feedback with a series of recommendations that we can look at taking forward as a business.

There are many more customer journey workshops planned over the next year including arrears management, service charges, anti-social behaviour and the lettings and terminations processes. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken part so far to help us improve the experience of our customers when they access our services.