Leeds Federated


Customer satisfaction

We want our customers to be happy with the service they receive.

We’re please to report that our Customer satisfaction figures for the final quarter of 2016/17 show that overall satisfaction with Leeds Fed’s services has risen to 85.7%.

The biggest improvement was seen in satisfaction with repairs and maintenance which increased by 2.8% to 81.5%.
Satisfaction with the Value for Money provided for the amount of rent customers pay is currently at 83.8%.

Customer satisfaction is important to us because it shows us how customers feel about the quality of the service they receive. We use this information to identify any areas that require improvement as a business. The customer Challenger Panel and the business use the figures to highlight any areas they think require improvement.

Customer Satisfaction is measured through a range of phone and online surveys. Thank you to every customer who has taken part and given useful feedback about our services.

You can see an overview of our latest customer satisfaction results below.
Customer satisfaction