Leeds Federated


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want customers to feel they get a good value service from Leeds Federated which offers value for money.

This year, we’re pleased to say that 85.3% of customers were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our services. 86% said they were satisfied or very satisfied that their rent offers value for money.

We also measure how well we perform in other key areas that are important to customers such as repairs and maintenance.
We know that having a well-maintained house is important to our customers. This year our repairs services has outperformed its target of fixing 90% of repairs at the first visit, with a score of 92.1%.

We’ve also made 98% of repairs to empty properties on time. This means that a new tenant can move in more quickly which is better for our customers and makes good business sense. Each year we make major improvements to some of our homes by fitting new kitchens, bathrooms and windows. This year we successfully completed 94% of those planned.

The safety of our customers is a priority, and during this year we made further improvements to our systems to ensure that our homes continue to comply with the relevant regulations and good practice.