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HUGO gets on the road

Jodie Reynolds was behind with her rent and scared to leave her house due to panic attacks. Today, she is an avid blogger who teaches others digital skills as a volunteer with the HUGO project.

HUGO gives people the opportunity to get on board and get online. Two digital buses equipped with computers, a HUGO coach and a minibus, tour local communities flooding them with free wi-fi. HUGO inspires people to learn how to use the internet by showing how much fun it can be and the benefits it brings.

In the UK an estimated 8.4 million people don’t have internet access and half of these live in social housing. They face major disadvantages with many crucial services moving online. HUGO aims to change this.

HUGO is funded by £40,000 from the Department of Work and Pensions’ Digital Challenge Deal and match funded by Leeds Fed. The project works in partnership with Leeds City Council and First Bus.

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