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New homes changing lives

Catherine Shuker has moved into a new home in Adel with her two teenage sons. She is visually impaired and the property has changed her family’s life and made it easier for her to get around.

Nationally there is a lack of affordable housing and Leeds Fed aims to build 200 new homes every five years.

In 2013/14 we acquired 18 homes for social or affordable rent, and 17 shared ownership properties to help people get on the housing ladder.

By the end of 2014 we will deliver an additional 26 homes for rent and 20 shared ownership properties. Construction work is underway on homes at  Arthington Terrace in Hunslet and we have planning permission for a site at Coniston Gardens, Halton Moor.

In addition, the Homes and Communities Agency have approved grant funding for our Affordable Homes Programme 2015/18 to build another 40 properties.

Our aim is to provide high quality affordable housing that people are happy to call their home.