Leeds Federated


Transforming the business

2017/18 saw the launch of Vision 21, a business transformation programme that aims to improve our systems, processes and ways of working.

It includes a range of projects to look at how we can improve our efficiency as a business and deliver:
• A culture which values and empowers us to achieve
• A clear, good value offer to our customers
• More homes that people can afford
• Agile and efficient systems and processes

We have a team of 8 staff working on Vision21 full time and around 60 staff have volunteered to work on the various projects. Together we are reshaping the future of Leeds Federated using the business knowledge and innovative ideas of our team.
The views of our customers are also a vital part of this process.  We are running a series of ‘customer journey’ workshops to find out what they think about our services and ensure their views are reflected in any improvements or changes made.
So far, Vision 21 has delivered flexible working for staff, we are also reviewing our repairs service, and currently working on new development, finance and IT systems.

The changes and improvements delivered by Vision21 are fundamental to the association’s Value for Money strategy where we will make the business more efficient, effective and economic. By the end of the programme we expect to achieve an ongoing 5% reduction in operating costs (approx. £650k per annum) alongside a range of other efficiencies and more effective use of our resources to achieve our objectives.