Leeds Federated


Value for Money

We have a strong focus on Value for Money across the business. Over the last year all departments have looked to reduced costs and find ways to do more with less.

We’re pleased to say that this year staff came up with money-saving ideas worth £724,000. So far, we have saved £341,000 pounds from those ideas and will make future savings of £381,000 pounds.

The savings include:

  • £75,000 pounds in extra income brought in through the work of our Money Matters team.
  • £44,000 pounds saved by our Community Spaces Team
  • £1,400 pounds saved by delivering staff training in-house.
  • Overall, we saved 5% of our costs by finding ways to save money.

Many of the new mobile working initiatives also offer Value for Money by saving staff time and improving the service we offer to customers. As an organisation we want to innovate in every area of our work to become more efficient, more productive and to save money.

For more information, please see our latest Value for Money self-assessment.