Leeds Federated


Value for Money

As a business, value for money is at the forefront of our thinking. We encourage staff to come up with ideas of how we can save money and deliver the same services for less. Often it’s about working smarter not harder.

This year, we have saved £148k through 83 different money-saving ideas. These included:

Saving £13.7k – by changing our cleaning schedules and how we order cleaning products
Saving £8k – by running a DIY course for customers to teach them to make minor repairs
Saving £6.6k – by changing supplier and advertising shared ownership properties on Rightmove
Saving £5.6k – by booking discounted travel fares for business travel

We have also helped our customers save money. For example, one customer on a learning and disability scheme saved £3.4k a year when we helped them transfer their personal taxi account to a cheaper provider.

Leeds Federated has a value for money group with a staff representative from each department. They track our VFM savings and discuss the latest cost-cutting ideas suggested by staff and look at how they can be put in to practice across the business.

We keep value for money central so that we can continue to offer high quality and cost-efficient services to our customers.

For more information, you can read our VFM statement.
VFM statement